Xstrahl 100

Mobility and accuracy for the most challenging
treatment regions

Functioning as two machines in one, the Xstrahl 100 superficial and Grenz Ray therapy system delivers outstanding clinical accuracy with excellent cosmetic outcomes and provides a non-surgical alternative for treating primary skin lesions, especially in sensitive areas of the head and neck. The system is simple to operate with intuitive functionality. Ergonomically designed, the Xstrahl 100 provides smooth, controlled movements ensuring straightforward, accurate positioning whilst maximizing maneuverability and patient comfort.

Clinical Conditions

The Xstrahl 100 is a low energy system for treating a wide range of superficial dermatological/skin conditions including:

  • Basal cell carcinoma
  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Dermatological conditions including psoriasis

Further details on these and other conditions can be found at STEP.

Technical Specifications

  • Tube Voltage 10 - 100 kV
  • Tube Current 0 - 16 mA
  • Maximum HVL 5 mm Al
  • Maximum Power Output 1 kW

Output Data

Typical Dose Rate 100-300 cGy/min
Field size 1 cm � 15 cm diameter

kV 50 100
HVL (mm) 1 Al 5 Al
mA 10 4
FSD 15 15
Typical Dose Rate 100-300 cGy/min 436 110
Maximum Dose Rate cGy/min 436 275

The Xstrahl control system provides a simple, intuitive interface for both physicists and radiation therapists, to assist with delivering and reviewing patient and treatment data.

All Xstrahl products have received CE marking approval for sale in Europe, clearance by FDA for sale in the U.S.A., are licensed for sale in Canada and are designed and manufactured in accordance with an ISO13485:2003 certified quality management system.

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Xstrahl 100 Brochure »
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Xstrahl 100 Brochure »
PDF 420kb

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